Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the days we started building ramps

I can remember the days we first started building half pipes out of plywood. I lived right next to a lumber yard and i was around 14.Back then our type of getting up to miss led ways were going over there at night and grabbing some 4by 8 sheets.Then after school we would build our ramps.thats when the real fun came.But it was nothing like today.I do remember getting water on the knee alot.but that is the ramp post.Believe me i decided to do this blog because i have a lot of stories about my times skateboarding.I have a lot of my own history behind it as you will find out as i go .I even have a lot of pictures to add to this one .So i hope you enjoy this one and please add your own stories id love to here them This could turn out to be good blog im sure theres a lot of old stories floating around.

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